SANTA CLARITA, Calif.- The Royals were on the road Friday night to face off against The Master's University Mustangs. The Hope International University Royals fell in the first set, but turned it around and finished with a 3-1 win over The Mustangs. The Royals improve their record to 2-1 overall and remain at 0-1 in conference.

In the first set, The Royals took control and maintained a lead for several plays until The Mustangs tied it up at 10-10. From that point on, the match was a back and forth exchange between both teams until The Mustangs went on a 6 point run bringing the score to 21-15 before The Royals could side-out. The Mustangs would go on to extend their lead and win the first set 25- 20.

The Royals returned in set two ready to battle back. The Master's University Mustangs used their momentum from the first set to gain an early lead, but HIU fought hard to keep them within 4 points during the majority of the set. Near the end of set 3, The Royals fought hard to close the gap and tied the score at 22-22. The Royals ultimately came from behind and won the second set 25-23, making the overall score 1-1.

Moving onto the third set, The Mustangs came out swinging by taking the lead early. The Royals were chasing through the middle of the set until they turned it around to obtain the lead at 19-18. The set would conclude with HIU outscoring The Master's University 3-6, with a final score of 21-25 and a hitting percentage of .526.

With two set wins on their side, The Royals were looking to finish strong. The fourth set began with both teams fighting for control until The Royals went on a 6 point win streak leaving The Mustangs behind with a score of 10-5. They would continue to dominate in this set by maintaining the lead and eventually extend it by 9 points. HIU went on to finish the set with a score of 18-25 and completing the match.

Your stat leaders for The Royals were Joshua Nehls (SR/Downey, CA) with 21 kills, Chase Larson (SR/Henderson, NV) with 10 kills, and Isaac Liva (JR/Miliani, HI) with 7 kills.

The Royals next match will be on February 16th on the road against Saint Katherine a 3:00 pm